Mobile Application: Thumb Tied

"Thumb Tied" is an Anti-Distracted Driving Application that helps the driver's focus stay on the road. Thumb Tied senses when you are driving and prevents the use of text messages and other apps that may distract you from driving your vehicle. We created Thumb Tied for PNP Technology to include:

  • An Interface that is easy to use & understand
  • Thumb Tied automatically senses driving speeds
  • The App prevents responding to texts & notifications while driving
  • Hands-free operation is allowed
  • Pair with another’s phone and control when the App is Enabled (subscription needed)
  • Reports about the app’s activity on paired phones
  • Allows for Scheduling App to activate for periods of time
  • Allows for 3 Emergency Contacts to override App
  • Emergency Access to 911

Thumb Tied is currently undergoing its first update and upgrade as requested and will be out in the Google Play Store again this fall.

Mobile Application: Message Makers

Message Makers is a Lansing Michigan company that does communications, events and media production. They wanted a tool for their staff members and their associates to use in order to frame their communication strategies and concepts, and came to us to develop it.

We built the application for both iOS and Android, and the app included specific user-experience criteria that we developed into the application. went into building this application for business communications.