IT Consulting

We offer IT and Business consulting services that are in high demand. We are effective with your time, providing you not only a 30,000 foot view but actionable and real-world solutions. We are process driven and mission focused. Put that to work for your organization.

THiNC. staff has consulted with dozens of clients, from private to the public sector. We've been hired to provide briefs, analysis, models, business plans, marketing plans, and manuals. We are thirsty for knowledge, and continually stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies. Our specialty is helping you see the whole opportunity matrix and suggesting technologies that have been proven to solve similar problems.

By hiring THiNC.



We offer hourly consulting on a variety of topics (see table below).



Business Development Information Technology Economics Games and Gamification
Business Plans Development Plans Media Economics Game Development
Marketing Plans UI/User-Ex Applied Economics Gamification
Creative Brief Crowdfunding Info. Arch. Game Integration


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