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Welcome to the mobile world, where people are connected like they have never been before. Everywhere you look, someone is on a mobile device. We are talking, emailing, instant messaging, checking our social media, reading articles, shopping and getting information that we need in order to better take advantage of the day. Mobile information has the ability to change the way we work, learn, and live. has developed several innovative applications. We created "Thumb Tied," an anti-distracted driving application in 2013. This application helps to prevent distracted driving by locking the home screen when the user drives over 10 mph. It contains a bonding feature, allowing parents and supervisors to control the use of the app on another phone. And, it can be auto-scheduled to work when you drive on your morning commute. Available on Android devices.

"Shakespeare Player", an app we made for Seriously Entertaining Education that was a Finalist for VISA's "Apps for Class Challenge" in 2014. This game application allowed users to create their own plays from Shakespeare's work. The application was aimed at middle to high school kids, specifically those in English programs and was common-core compliant. Public version currently not available.

For our pals at Legal Pad Apps, we've made "The Judgement Interest Calculator" for attorneys to use when calculating the interest on a settlement. This innovative application includes our brand-spanking-new proprietary A plugin for Send-Grid that allows the user to create, and email an Adobe PDF to the intended recipient. This application is available on both Android and iOS and you can get it at the Google Play Store here; and for you Apple fans it's available in the App Store here. If you're a developer, and you want to get the plugin for your application, you can check it out here in the

Gibson's University Bookstore is a new and used textbook application for college's and independent bookstores. It offers the students a 3 Step Process to order all of their books. We also have included a real-time inventory check, which calculates the value of the book at the time of sale. Students can resell their used textbooks simply by scanning and accepting the terms of service. Bookstores can benefit from 3 levels of the technology: A feature-rich e-commerce platform for their website; A mobile application that eases the buying and selling of textbooks; and a software suite that allows bookstores to pre-buy used inventory available online in order to stock up before the book rush. These applications will be available in Android and iOS versions

Also coming is Aural Brook, a streaming audio application that puts the artist back in control of their creative life. We’re revolutionizing the way media gets made, and how artists get paid. It includes our “Metal Pedal” a UI that cuts the clutter from a streaming experience. Users can curate their own playlists, donate to their favorite band’s next project, and know their subscription fees are going to pay the bands directly. This app will be available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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We've made software plugins when we needed to push the boundaries of what an app can do. Our solutions expand the capabilities for distributing business communications, the way that educational information is bought and sold, and change the way we support the things we love. What is your big idea?

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If you could build something that proves that your idea will work, without taking out a second mortgage, why not consider a proof of concept? We like to build models, create prototypes, and develop technology for our customers. Sometimes it's to garner further investment. Sometimes it's to start getting sales. It's a mad combination of economics, business and technological development. It's some weird science, and we love it that way!

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