THiNC. artificial intelligence starts work on Artificial Intelligence

We have entered a brave new frontier-the time when machines can decide for themselves. Aritifical Intelligence, though not new, is currently undergoing a transformation in terms of use, market penetration, and development. We have been researching and working on artificial emotional intelligence for years, and now is starting development on a system that will enable AI systems to quickly, accurately, and efficiently interpret human emotion.

Tha's right folks, we're going to enable AI systems to "get the feelz" so to speak.

Our first algorithm, is informed by Craig Tucker's research at Michigan State Unversity as a doctoral student. His research is at the intersection of Communication and Computer Science. Here at, we've been modeling and creating the human-coded rubric for the new communications model. We've been researching NLP, neural-linguistics, parts-of-speech, bag-of-words (one of our favorite terms), machine learning, deep learning, AI and algorithm structure/function/theory until the cows come home. We now see sigmoids and API calls in our sleep! So we've been busy creating the databases, writing the first scripts of detector code, and deciding the final but critical questions of the Information Architecture in terms of scale and efficiency.

We have a lot of work ahead of us! 

Soon we'll be building the neural networks, testing against human coders, and feeding the beast corpus after corpus of information to fine-tune the algorithm. 

Craig is also joining a new research team focussing on cognitive neuroscience, and how the brain responds to communications and media stimuli. This will greatly help in creating models of future emotive informing algorithms and speed time to market. Bryan Novak, our CTO and Matt Yates, our Senior Developer have been working on and researching the advanced logic controller functions for the algorithm while the rest of the team handles their assigned tasks.

We'll be happy to bring you more updates as they come! Stay tuned to