Foundry Website: OIC Movies

OIC Movies is a Detroit based company that provides American Sign Language translated videos to people who are hard of hearing. Their previous site was built on a PHP backbone, with CSS and other features in the build. They came to us, wanting to expand their capabilities and in need of a competent developer.

One of the problems that they wanted the new site to fix was responsiveness. They needed to have the site be mobile responsive. Since it was coded in PHP development language and was styled well before the mobile explosion, it needed to be completely redone to allow their users to use it on a mobile device. stepped up with a plan to get their site mobile responsive.

Another issue that they had was the system needed to hold back some features that weren't paid for, for instance English captions on the videos. We did some custom development to the payment processing and the membership software we integrated in order for the feature to be controlled by permissions. This helped give OIC Movies a powerful feature to sell to their users.

Then, all of their videos were wrapped with a codec that doesn't allow for mobile use. We had to develop a system to convert and reincode over 3,500 videos, that were then acceptable for modern use.

OIC Movies has over 30,000 subscribers, and multiple levels of subscriptions. Each level contains more permissions for site features and content than the last, and was challenging to ensure that all the features were only available if their subscription level allowed. developed the permission system that enabled this to work.

They also wanted an IP based login system, so that users at an institution could be able to login and use the system if their organization (and hence IP range) was eligible. This enhanced the features that OIC was able to provide, and allowed them to institute more advanced pricing models and take their business to a new level. proudly supports OIC Movies with a Support & Maintenance package